Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lead up to the ITU World Championship Series event in Hyde Park

Since my break after last year’s season, I put in a good winter of training – which went pretty well but my season didn’t begin as well as I’d hoped with a 15th in Sydney World Championship Series recently.

I’ve really learnt that it’s not so much about how fit I am but more about getting enough race practice in. Last year it took me until London Tri to get on the podium – it’s already happened quicker this year, in Madrid at the begining of June.

The WCS is getting more and more competitive, especially with the girls – there are so many good girls competing and we’re all very close together now.

I am currently in Portugal with the British Squad training hard and getting in lots of race practice sessions. It’s fantastic to train with the squad for a change as I usually do most my training in South Wales with Marc, but I’m always happy to get home.

I try and keep my training balanced in terms of swimming, running and biking. It’s important to have a good swim but I try and work on my running a lot. I want to feel prepared to be able to deal with every scenario that can occur in a race.

Then I’ll be at home training before Hyde Park. It’s nice it’s so close, it’s very handy not having to travel so far and get on a plane. Hopefully the weather will be good.

I will keep you posted on my progress ahead of Hyde Park ....


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